Mar 10

Knowing and Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company

If we are about to choose something, it is important to know what are the characteristics or the traits of each choices we have. When it comes to our garage door, it is not just a joke to spend our money in its repairs. We should know which one to call and which one is not. I love to share this article I read about the topic, I’m sure you’ll all love it!

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We all have heard horror stories about home repairs. They seemed to be almost as about as used car stories. The situation isn’t necessarily as grim as news reporters would make it. If you do a little homework then you can find a high quality garage door repair company. To that end, we are providing this guide to choosing a garage door repair company.


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Jun 03

Mobile Auto Repair in Glendale AZ

Just like our bodies, your car needs regular servicing and maintenance to avoid unnecessary breakages in the middle of its life’s journey. It does not matter how new your car is or its model, without ensuring proper care and maintenance through regular servicing, chances are your car will not last long before completely breaking down. In addition, you need good mechanics to take good care of your car, just as the body need a qualified doctor or physician to diagnose and give prescription for effective drugs. For this reason, you need to consider Glendale mobile car repair whenever you feel that your car needs maintenance and repair services.

As the name suggests, Mobile Car Dr is not limited to time and space in offering its exceptional car repair services to you. Intuitively, no one knows the time and date when his or car will breakdown. Cars breakdown when least expected, sometimes this can happen in places where you can’t find any mechanics around. Meaning, all your plans will come to a sudden stop, and you will have reschedule everything. However, with the services of a Glendale mobile mechanic, you don’t have to call off your plans. The exceptional mechanics can help you repair the car within a short period and let you go ahead with your journey as planned.

Alternatively, you can visit the auto repair shop for the best auto mechanics in Glendale, AZ. This car repair shop offers the best auto repair in Glendale. The mechanics have experience in maintaining different car models. It does not matter what mechanical problem your car has, here your car will be given the best care and maintenance than anywhere else around the country. Auto spares are also available for a wide range of car models. Concisely, when you need better auto repair services, you need Glendale Mobile Car Dr.

Mobile Car Dr
2821 E Marco Polo Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(602) 903-3737

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Aug 19

RV hit road debris

What do you do when your motorhome hits road debris on the way to Disneyland?

That’s right, we were in Los Angeles, on the way to Disneyland.  When a car next to us blew a tire and sent shrapnel into the undercarriage of our RV.   Luckily, we were able to get a mobile rv repair in Los Angeles, with out having to wait to long.  J.C. came right out and fixed the bent pipes on the generator cage and fastened all the wiring back into place.

We just pulled over behind a restaurant and he came right out to us.  It was so nice not to have to call for a tow, and then have to wait around to get an easy repair done.  The mechanic did it right on the spot and we were back on our way to Disneyland.

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Jun 26

Buying a used car

Buying a used car can be a stressful situation for most inexperienced car buyers as well as those who have bought several automobiles.  Auto repair mechanic in a blue hat doing an air conditioning repairThere is a lot that the untrained person can tell by looking at a car.  It is easy enough to inspect that the horn, windows, lights, and blinkers work.  Most people could even tell if the car is pulling to one side while driving or if it surges or seems sluggish when accelerating.   Sometimes it is a good idea to have a professional auto repair Phoenix specialist check the vehicle before you spend your hard earned cash or even get a car loan.

Click here to find out more of the services offered by Mobile Mechanic Phoenix.

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